27 June, 2006

some more world domination news

what really annoys me is when you make a general, off-hand, tyrannical type comment, like, say, all annoying people should be shot or something to that extent, people immediately go all irrational on your ass and start to ask truly stupid questions such as who's gonna decide? huh? whaddya mean "who's gonna decide?" ME! you think i'd plan a light culling of the human population and leave the decision to, i don't know, dick cheney*? what kind of madwoman do you take me for? jesus, people. when it comes to these kind of things, i am perfectly willing to decide. truly. don't you worry your purdy little heads about it, mean mommy will take care of it all. when you wake up, the world will be a better place, and you will have absolutely no blood on your hands. unless you've been picking at your scabs again. which is just gross.

* if you click the cheney link, look at the URL - it's pretty freaking funny.

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