15 June, 2006

poutine city, here we come!!!

for those of you not in the know, poutine is a french canadian dish of french fries (preferably fresh cut, with the skins still on), cheese curds and a liberal slathering of gravy*. this sounds absolutely vile. i know. i thought so too until i tasted the first orgasmatronic mouthful.
bear with me here - the cheese curds, trapped between hot gravy and even hotter fries, start to melt ever so slowly, so every mouthful is a symphonic harmony of partially melted cheese, deep fried starch and salty gravy heaven. yum. truly! and tomorrow, the long suffering spouse and i are going on a road trip to the land of poutine - quebec. see ya, suckers!

*some people add bacon bits or green onions, but to me that's like asking mother teresa to do community service: not necessary, and frankly kind of rude.

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