29 June, 2006

pink plastic barbie breasts!!!!!!!

this post has nothing whatsoever to do with the aforementioned pink plastic barbie breasts, but i thought it might grab someone's attention, plus i am oddly certain that someone will be googling that one soon, and thus will be led to me. of course what i would want with anyone actually googling "pink plastic barbie breasts" is beyond me. but hey, as of now i have a confirmed audience of 5 (count'em - FIVE!!!) and i wouldn't mind filling in the bleachers somewhat. so that's that. PINK PLASTIC BARBIE BREASTS!!!! HURRAY!

so i've been reading a lot of blogs lately (also, i've been starting far too many sentences with "so", but this is my blog and i am the supreme queen of its universe) and i am now in the habit of checking their latest posting before resuming my reading of their past (like some confused and yet strangely successful psychic). but what i've found is that i also come to my blog and check if anyone has posted anything interesting, and, goshdarn it all to heck, more often than not, they haven't. why not? why is no one writing my blogs for me? huh? then i could relax, sleep better, not obsess about witty sentences at 3 am, and still have a formidable output. how about just 50/50? anyone? no?

ok, then. we're off to montreal for the jazz festival and odd canada day celebrations - odd because we'll be celebrating my beloved country in the province that, for some strange reason, wants to separate. go figure. that'd be like celebrating happy body day on the hand that's about to be amputated. didn't you just love that analogy? so elegant, so clear, so very very true to life? keep coming back, there's plenty more where that came from.


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