28 June, 2006


first of all, let me be perfectly clear - i am not up on the latest. i am not even up on the late. i am just not up, ok? i don't listen to indie rock (unless it's by accident, or ckua plays it, or something), i have no clue what emo or twee mean (if you do, feel free to let me know, i am kinda curious, though obviously not enough to actually google it or anything) but i do like my music and so i thought i'd share with y'all songs/singers that i like, in no particular order. obviously, celine dion will not be making the list this year, but don't despair, embarassing confessions are definitely forthcoming!

1. "closer" by nine inch nails
this song was always played right before last call at the whitecourt bar that i frequented in my demented 20's, and by then i was always smackered and dancing on speakers. i love this song. the lyrics "i wanna fuck you like an animal" always prompt me and mister monkey to insert unlikely animals such as "i wanna fuck you like a hedgehog" or " i wanna fuck you like a lake trout" and much hilarity ensues. plus it's a good song.

2. "major tom" by peter schilling
this is an 80's song, and it invariably makes me all misty-eyed for whatever reason. i love its melody and it has a happy ending, i think.

3. "toxic" by britney spears (i told you there'd be embarassing confessions!)
you can bite my big furry butt - i like this song. it has a good rhythm, it makes me move, and it hearkens back to the days before brit's downward spiral to complete white trashiness, although as i listened to it today it sounded like she's singing it to her cheetos. but i luurve it, so there! well, maybe not "luurve" but sorta like, thank you very much.

4. "free falling" by tom petty
this song is pure summer, driving down whyte avenue with the windows rolled down, sparkles on my skin, sunlight in my hair. it is a song that never fails to make me feel happy on the inside. perhaps i should listen to it more. a lot more.

5. "so long marianne" or "this waltz" by leonard cohen
pretty much anything by leonard cohen makes this list, but i really love these two songs. "marianne" reminds me of driving down ontario' s back country roads with my mom, singing along loudly, in a small island of peace in the turbulence that was our relationship at that particular time. "this waltz" has the line "my mouth on the dew of your thighs" and i just think that's very sexy.

6. "a sorta fairytale" by tori amos
i like most of tori, and recently saw her at the j.pritzker pavilion in chicago. so why choose this song? dis song is purdy, and det's why i likes it. ok?

7. "hotel california" by the eagles
because it's a friggin classic! and mister monkey and i really enjoy belting it out when we are driving somewhere.

8. lhasa
anything by this singer is beeeoooteeefool. she sings in spanish, french and english and her voice is unbelievable. she looks like a 14 year old girl and sounds like a woman. so check her out. please!

9. neko case
this is to improve my street cred. just kidding. i have no street cred. plus what do i know about neko's current hipness factor? but i like her music. i generally like music that sounds all echoey (is that even a word?) and hers is that. plus good.

10. the doors
because they rock! and i love the organ that sounds like a blue haired church lady rocking out.

11. "it's no good" by depeche mode
it's my favourite dm song, it's sexy and dark and slightly creepy in a stalker-ex-boyfriend kind of way, plus, and this is important, it makes me want to put on a metallic bikini, kick ass high heels, a fur coat and go to a club. which means it's a good song, in my book.

12. martin sexton
this man was my favourite singer for the longest time. to see him live is an experience not to be missed. pretty much any song from his "black sheep" album does it for me.

13. "creepin' in" by norah jones and dolly parton
i dare you to listen to this and not tap your toes. come on! i dare ya!

14. thievery corporation
loungey, chill-outy, jazzy, cool... which pretty much also sums me up (snurf!)

15. emiliana torrini
you'll remember her from "gollum's song", from lord of the rings. no, that was not bjork. but, yes, emiliana is from iceland. i just bought her latest cd and find it a wee bit slow, but her previous repertoire included a sweet song about masturbation and a song about cross dressing. she's like a less freaky bjork, and i doubt she'd ever wear a swan. but i could be wrong about that.

so there you have it. there's lots more where that came from, but my brain has had enough. please note, that unlike most interesting bloggers (oooh, am i being presumptious or what!), i have given you a list composed almost entirely of STUFF YOU CAN HEAR ANYWHERE! no esoteric indie bands for me! not because i don't like them, but because, frankly, i don't get out much and at this point have no friends to introduce me to cool things.

oh yes, before you run out and purchase the britney spears collection in its entirety, just remember - i only like the one song. ok? don't say i didn't warn ya!

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