15 June, 2006

more tv confessions

1. i love the gilmore girls, i think it is one of the best written shows out there (of course given my limited tv experience you shouldn't take my word for it - i certainly wouldn't). about a year ago a good friend whom i'd gotten hooked on the show gave me a big stack of cds with all the seasons of gg that he'd downloaded. i was thrilled but my thrill turned to ire when it turned out my laptop lacked the necessary codecs to play my show. i have no idea what codecs are and where to get them, and, having gotten them, what to do with them.
2. i believe that those responsible for cancelling firefly need to have their kneecaps shot off.
3. i love home make-over shows, but not the sucky cry-fests that feature the blind newly-widowed pastor and his 17 disabled children and then the whole neighbourhood pitches in because he is such an upstanding citizen, makes wicked coleslaw for block parties and hardly ever beats his kids at all (probably because he can't see them) and sears donates truck-loads of appliances with absolutely no ulterior motive like having their name on ginormous trucks slowly driven across the screen for 5 minutes of free advertizing. not those - i like those quickie half hour shows where mean decorators paint heirloom rosewood furniture and then people return home and try to hide the trembling lip as they pronounce it "fabulous!" while mentally calculating the amount of money it'll cost them to buy back their brown and beige floral la-z-boy, wall to wall dusty rose carpeting and the stuffed carp for the mantelpiece.
4. i used to have the biggest crush on mr. spock in the old star trek, and before you start telling me about fixating on emotionally unavailable men, don't bother, i know all about it, and have finally managed to quit, thank you very much.
5. i loved the predictability of the a-team. 15 minutes before the show ended you could always count on them to build a tank out of an old kitchen sink, a lawnmower and a slightly chipped garden gnome. if you don't know who the a-team is, you're much too young to be reading this. go away.
6. a big chunk of the polish immigrant population learned their english by watching three's company. i am not making this up. it was on during our particular immigration wave of the early 80's and everybody watched it except our house where my dad actively discouraged tv watching, which is why i speak such poor english and do not find it funny when people walk into doors or trip on couches
7. i hate mr.bean. i do not find him funny at all. i will not crack a smile during his show. ever. (see 6.)
8. i think big bird is spectacularly creepy and do not understand why they would want to terrorize our nation's young with a giant chicken of dubious sexual identity unless there is some nefarious government plot at hand, possibly co-financed by kfc.
9. i have never had cable in my life (except for a short stint in a company house, so it doesn't count), and i intend to stick with it, continuing to use cheap motels for my ongoing affair with law & order.
10. the nature of things is another brilliant canadian show for those of you who care about the environment. in fact i think david suzuki should run for office - now there's a prime minister i could stomach! and he's kinda cute.

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