15 June, 2006

me bad

a quote from blogger's jennifer garrett: "Be kind to your reader. Capitalization and punctuation are the easiest ways to indicate exactly what you're trying to say. It's time for a little tough love, people: Anyone who types in all lowercase needs to be taken out back and beaten. You are not e.e. cummings; you are not being "artistic." You're just too lazy to hit the shift key. If you can't be bothered with the extra keystroke, I can't be bothered to read your site."
well, i am not trying to be artistic, jen. and yes, i am lazy. why do people assume i would not own up to that one? am i lazy? hell yeah! and i think much faster than i can type, so actually using the shift button would put me that much further behind my brain.
so you'll never read my blog, jen. too bad. though i totally get your rant against ellipsis users (die, die, die, you intellectually stunted turds!). so there.

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