12 June, 2006

hockey heartbreak

being an edmonton oilers fan is sort of like loving a man who is less than faithful. you love him, and the nights he actually comes home to you are amazing. but then there are those other nights, when he never comes home at all. you wait, you hope, and you get nothing. it's heartbreak.
god, how beautifully they played on saturday. how beautifully they played me on saturday. and tonight it's back to the heartbreak. you bastards!!!
ok, i may not know a hell of a lot about hockey, but i do get the gist of it (that bit about getting the puck into the opponents' net). you'd think someone would inform the oilers...it's not a hard concept to grasp. they broke my heart once when rollie got hurt, tonight they broke it again. you bastards!!!
of course, this is the way it always plays out: i will go out with my friends, bitch about my man, say i will never take him back again, but hey, let's be realistic, the next time he shows up with that bright hopeful toothless smile, that sexy broken nose, that sweaty t-shirt that says stanley on it...i'll melt and open my door.

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