12 June, 2006

here i am

i'd like to officially welcome me to the world of blogging. it's the perfect place for an opinionated person who never shuts up and i am surprised it took me this long to get here. possibly my fear of technology had plenty to do with it. mantra for the day: i will not blow up the computer by accidentally pressing ctrl/alt/del. sigh. here i am.


joolsthefestooned said...

yay, i get to be the first comment. i, for one, welcome the agnieszkablog overload.

agalinea, mistress of the murkiness of meaning said...

well, given how much time i currently have, there might be a lot of output. it's been one day and already we've covered environmental issues, world domination, old jane fonda movies, the rich and famous, and now hockey. i sure am tired. and jools, i can always count on you!