14 June, 2006


went and got a haircut recently, and, as is typical, it is a nice, tame, unimaginative soccer-mom haircut. you know the kind i mean - it comes with a minivan, 2.5 children, and a golden retriever, along with a dull, oversized house in the suburbs with a perfectly manicured lawn and a 3 car garage and who needs that kind of middle class baggage? sigh. why is it that when i walk into a hair salon, i can talk till i am blue in the face about what i want using words like cool, edgy, funky, and chic, and still walk out of there with the world's expectations scissored into my scalp? i realise i may not be the hipster queen of the niagara region, but i like to think i have some hip left in me yet (and hey, 30 is the new 20, they tell us!). so i'm wondering - do i have to get a penis tattooed on my neck to get a little respect?

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