14 June, 2006

el diablo

a good friend, and fellow blogger introduced me to diablo cody and i have spent the last 2 hours reading her blog and pissing myself laughing. i now want to nip off and shoot myself. no way in hell could i ever come close to this woman's wit, filthymindedness and amazing knowledge of pop culture. she reminds me how out of it i am, how dull, how uninspired my life (though, goshdarn it all to heck, i tend to enjoy it quite a bit, thank you very much). i was never a stripper. i don't have a dog that licks my cat's ass. i don't even have a cat. and as of a few days ago, i have soccer-mom hair. grrrr! i neither gleefully eat donuts and watch american idol, nor am i an unshaven earth mama. sure, i eat kashi. but i also drink too much. i float between categories, doing yoga (badly, oh so very badly) and enjoying my love affair with melted cheese. weh, if i stop to think about it, nothing's really changed, i was always out of it - too much effort to be with it and i am terribly lazy. it's a way to live. but, as per usual, i digress. back to comparing myself to one of the wittiest people i have read in a long time (unfavourably, duh!) if it wasn't for my almost psychotic need to talk ad nauseum to anyone who will listen, i would discontinue my blog immediately. as it is, i won't. so, go read her. laugh. but read an archie comic or something as a palate cleanser before returning here because any immediate comparison would be absolutely detrimental to my fragile sense of self worth.

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